NOW OFFERING SAMS DATABASES so your machine wont need to run a DB abd you dont have to worry about crashs! | Lots of exciting things will be happening over the year here at FubarMusic! Need an app for you radio station? We do those and there put on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE! | Our radio servers have the highest security and dependability you wont find a server company that protects radio servers like we do by offering encrypted players! | We DO what the OTHERS Cant! |

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Payment Methods Only accepts Paypal (Preferred), or
PayPal Cash Load (you pay the $3.95 fee for the load card)

You can use Visa or Master card though Paypal to make you payments.

NOTICE TO ALL: does not store or keep any records of your credit card/debit card numbers anywhere on our site or on paper! All CC/debit numbers are processed by the payment processor and as such they are the ones responsible for protecting your numbers from hackers and thief's. Like I said we do not store them anywhere on our site to help protect our customers and if any issues come up you will be directed to the payment processor that handled your transaction!

Most servers are Due on the 1st with Terms of Net1 (meaning you have till the 1st to make your payment)

Payments made after the 4rd day due will have a $10 late fee fee added (if your server is suspended for Non-Payment)

This can be waved if you contact us and make arrangements to pay on another date, however only one extension in a 2 month period is allowed

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