NOW OFFERING SAMS DATABASES so your machine wont need to run a DB abd you dont have to worry about crashs! | Lots of exciting things will be happening over the year here at FubarMusic! Need an app for you radio station? We do those and there put on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE! | Our radio servers have the highest security and dependability you wont find a server company that protects radio servers like we do by offering encrypted players! | We DO what the OTHERS Cant! |

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as a company

Last updated March 21, 2016 started out as 2 separate radio server hosting companies who were in competition with each other as well as the other ppl doing the same thing. Even though we were competitors we started working together because we saw that the vision of internet radio that we had was the same, and our business ideas and practices also matched.

So we decided to pool our resources, manpower, experience, and knowledge together to form one large company which as future plans go into place will allow us to offer a lot more then just radio server and web hosting.
Over the next year you will see more things that we offer come online, just to give you sneak preview: We hope in this year to be offering Dedicated servers, VPS Servers, Email, Professional Web Design, and much much more to customers!

You can be rest assured that same customer experience that you had with our other companies will continue as it was, heck it should improve because of the added manpower and resources that we have!

Security and data protection is something we hold dear and will take every measure at our disposal to protect your personal information, your radio and web site servers against those who wish to do harm to you (our customers data) and us including legal actions against those who try to breach our security!

We thank our customers who understood any issues that came up because of this merger for sticking with us! We also look forward to any future customers that may come to us for there hosting services needs!

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Licensing of content played on stations purchased are the sole responsibility of the person(s) purchasing the server! Thank you