NOW OFFERING SAMS DATABASES so your machine wont need to run a DB abd you dont have to worry about crashs! | Lots of exciting things will be happening over the year here at FubarMusic! Need an app for you radio station? We do those and there put on the GOOGLE PLAY STORE! | Our radio servers have the highest security and dependability you wont find a server company that protects radio servers like we do by offering encrypted players! | We DO what the OTHERS Cant! |

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03:18:35 09/21/17


100 listener 320kbs server
Dj Manager

$14.99 monthly -->
Larger servers available for additional charge
Setup time can be up to 6 hours (normally less then that)
from the time payment is made by you.
Due dates will always reoccur 2 days before the date ordered
This item can not have any extensions on its payment it *MUST* be paid on the invoice due date!

Our players are ENCRYPTED to help protect
your servers from hackers!

* NOT supported on Internet Explorer (IE) as that is at end of life!

Whats New in WHMsonic 2.2.+
Shoutcast v2 - v1 and (coming soon ICECAST)
AAC+ Shoutcast Flashplayer Support
without wowza or red5 requirement.
HTML5 Player With now playing (exclusive to Fubarmusic)
Online song name edit/update/copy + mp3 name change
on the playlist manager.
Fully designed with Ajax + Jquery.
A powerul playlist manager.
Advanced AutoDJ Features, AAC+ Encoders, IDV3v2
Live song name, title change to any text features
without dropping listeners.
Advanced Statistics + Listeners on Google Map
Coming soon a whole new AUTO DJ system too!
With the ability to stream both mp3 & aac at the same time!

And Much More!

We do everything we can to protect your servers and keep the running!
By using the latest anti hacker technology's out there!

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Licensing of content played on stations purchased are the sole responsibility of the person(s) purchasing the server! Thank you